Simplifying and automating the house and land industry.

Landconnect was formed to enhance the residential property industry.

Through our suite of simplification tools we aim to solve niche problems that builders and developers experience on a daily basis. Saving you time and money.

Our Products

We develop smart solutions to solve niche problems. Our current tools are utilised by builders and developers across Australia, New Zealand and North America.

A preliminary siting is the very first step in ensuring a clients' floorplan fits on a lot of land.

Presite provides the simplest and most versatile method of drawing a lot of land to scale and validating if a floorplan or structure fits.

Access to information is everything for new home builders and land developers.

Landspot is a platform that empowers industry professionals to communicate, collaborate, and make smarter choices based on up-to-minute data.

A preliminary site analysis is a crucial step in developing any new community.

Kaspa is an expert system that automates site analysis for a new home builder. With one click, it will validate and perfectly position every floorplan in your catalogue across every lot of land in your new community. Saving you thousands of hours.

Our Team

The Landconnect team is located across the globe and brings together a diverse mix of experience and culture.

We encourage a harmonious balance between work, life and the freedom to explore ideas.

Our talented team is made up by experienced property professionals, experts in artificial intelligence, complex algorithm designers and masters of user experience.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia with our main development hub in Paris, France.

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